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Bring Health Care to those who Cannot afford

My health Matters is an African non Profit bases in the United States and Ghana with a goal of striving for a community and a world free of hypertension, by fighting hypertension, kidney and heart diseases, heart disease, pressure, and undiagnosed hypertension.

We will be going to Ghana from April 4th to April 5th to offer free Medical Screening and provide workshops on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This medical trip will be hosted in collaboration with Miracle Chapel International a community church in Accra Ghana. In February this year we had out first medical trip in Ghana which was a great success, that have tightened the need to go and do more for those who cannot afford medical care in many regions in Ghana, We are asking for your support as your way of coming allows with us.

Click here to donate and also see some photos from our medical trip to Ghana in February.

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